Saturday, February 25, 2017

Week 07 - Class Notes


Video Game Project - Street Fighter

- Adjust your designs based on the feedback
- Sketch 2 pages per character with them in their move sets/poses/specials, etc.
- Create 3 B/W value studies of each of your character
  - Use a range of 5 values for the B/W study
  - Just use flat color, no rendering necessary
- The overall breakdown is 9 pages total. 3 per character. 2 pages of poses per character and 1 page with 3 B/W studies of that said character.
- Pick your best design in B/W and place your characters in a team lineup


- Put the values where you the focus to be.
  - The focus is usually based on their moves/abilities
- Design your characters so it facilitates the characters moves/abilities
- Don't put high contrast values in areas that are not important to your character
- Design foremost based on moves and movement

Aiden Khuiphum - Week 6

Week 06 - Class Notes


Video Game Project - Street Fighter

- Explore your designs further and lock down the style that you've chosen
- Sketch out 2 pages of design per character
- Optional work - Sketch out 2 pages of master copies (sketches) of your style if you're struggling to get the style


- Think about the moves of your characters and design so it's reflective of the move set
- Use your Street Fighter character as a based line
   - Don't just repose your character in the default street fighter pose
   - It shouldn't look like you just reskin a street fighter character with your design and style

SOLIN / WK6- Game-3

Week 06 - Leroy Koo

Bona Chang, Week 6

Regina Choi WK6

Second round!
This time kind of honing in a specific body type and making smaller adjustments in proportion, keeping the planned costume in mind. I haven't got these guys in their poses/specific details yet, but I have a definitive idea in mind on what their looks/personalities are going to be.

I wasn't here for last week's crit, but from what I hear we were told to go back and check our proportions again, so here they are! I slowed down and adjusted the height/scale of the characters relative to each other, too.

I heard the huge pope was too large, so I scaled him down and enlarged his head a little to better match the general head sizes of the other two characters!
Here's the final lineup:

David Knapp Week 6